Lots of Love & Laughter!

A very special congratulations & warm wishes for you on your special day from us.

We want to embrace your wedding day so that we can make it amazing, and very very special for you, and one that will never be forgotten.

We can do this for you by providing stunning centre pieces of our interactive Fun Food and Drink Services such as our Fruity Palm Trees full of succulent individual pieces of organic juicy fruit just ready for your guests to pick from, to our mmm ….warm melting Belgium Chocolate Fountains that are not too rich or too sweet and are very very moreish, or our classy and impressive cascading Champagne and Drinks Fountains ready for your guests to help themselves to.

Your guests will very happily mix and mingle with each other as the Fruity Palm Trees and Chocolate Fountains and other services will provide not just a focal and talking point but also entertainment and fun for your guests as they help themselves to delicious mouthfuls of dips.

The chocolate aroma from our finest Belgium Chocolate will draw your guests to the Fountains like magic, and the luxurious but very creamy taste will send them all too chocolate heaven!

Our organic vintage retro Popcorn and fluffy organic Candy Floss machines and with carts are great in keeping the young  and old entertained and adds a splash of colour and fun.

Very importantly to us, we take the personal and professional touch very seriously, and are happy to work with you to give you the effect you deserve, whatever your budget or size of wedding.

Whether you are planning a small intermit family affair or a very large, elaborate wedding, be it a formal or informal occasion, we can help make your reception very special and definitely memorable.

We have been pleased to offer the same level of outstanding service to all, with specialist attention to detail, using the finest produce and the very finest Belgium Chocolate (that we supply to Gordon Ramsay for his private parties at home).

We have been very pleased to receive much praise for our work, which makes all our efforts so worthwhile, and to know that we are making you our clients happy.

Have you seen or tried our stunning and eye catching 6ft Fruity Palm Trees that take centre stage at any event.

These are simply sensational placed on their own illuminated base either side of a chocolate fountain, and are full of juicy organic individual pieces of fruit ready for your guests to pick off at their leisure and then dip into the enticing warm melted finest Belgium Chocolate.

We have beautiful classy cascading drinks fountains that can be used for soft drinks and juices if no alcohol is permitted.

Our Chocolate Fountains are award winning, using the finest Belgium Chocolate that we have supplied to the Royal family on many occasion.
With our specialist attention to detail and first class service from the UK's no 1 leading Fountain company, your event will definitely be impressive and provide your guests with a unique and very special wedding, to top all others.

Our speciality is our attention to detail, which we do just to please you, which sets us apart from all others,  as you will see from our photos.
Our pleasure is in making you happy!

The list below shows just some of the wedding services we can organise for your big day:

  • Our award winning Chocolate Fountains
  • Classy cascading Drinks/Champagne & shot Fountains
  • Bailey's Fountains
  • Tequila Rose Fountains
  • Stunning edible Fruity Palm Trees
  • 20 % Individual proof Alco Jel Shots
  • Organic and fun Candy Floss
  • Organic fluffy Popcorn
  • Cupcakes with stands

All our services are of the highest standard using top quality produce and accompanied by a smartly uniformed professional and attentive helpful attendant, who will endeavour to help your guests and to keep everything flowing smoothly and cleanly.

We are pleased and fortunate to cover weddings and events covering all religions and cultures, whether English, European, Asian, Arabic, Jewish, African and are proud to offer a top class and personal service throughout.

Our aim is to please you and to help in making your special day one that is never forgotten !


Step into the world of BOOZY FRUITY CHOCOLATY AFFAIRS. A classy and high end Party Hire and Fun Foods Company.

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