Childrens Parties

Children's Parties

This is where the fun starts!!

All Children love a party!
Make Your Childs party special!

We turn your child's passion for fun into an unforgettable Birthday Party guaranteed to be a celebration of fun and delicious enjoyment.

Over the years your children will get invited to a lot of parties.  The difficulty for parents is organising one for your child that is different to any of the others that they have been to or are invited to.

Here at Boozy Fruity Chocolaty Affairs we have an extensive list of the different kinds of interactive Fun Food & Drink Services that children dream of for their parties that you can have for your child, whether at home or at a venue. 

All children's eyes light up when seeing our freshly spun sugar strands that make the fluffiest Candy Floss spun in front of them and then tasting the gooey sweet and sticky fronges...

Our Candy Floss can be made on sticks or in bags, and in a variety of flavours and colours to coordinate with your theme or event.

Who can resist the smell of freshly cooked popcorn or the look you get from kids, big and small, watching our organic kernels of corn pop to light and frothy balls of tasty fun.

Our Popcorn comes in a table top version or with an authentic American style retro Popcorn machine and Cart and given to your guests in cones, bags or boxes, which can be offered with a variety of individual hand sprinkled sweet flavourings or salted depending on taste.

You can hire one item or choose and to hire a mix of items, it is up to you, but we will very pleased to bring your children’s parties to life for you.

The variety is amazing and we never knew half of them existed for children's parties on a non-commercial basis until we started this business.
It makes us wish we were children again!

Choose from one item or more!

(the more services you book the better the discount!)

We can even offer you a fun main course of freshly made organic steamed Gourmet Frankfurter Hot Dogs made at your event in front of you with a choice of the freshly made Sweet Treats below or just a choice of Sweet Treats.

  1. Candy Floss : fluffy and sweet candy floss on a floss stick freshly made at your event and comes in a choice of colours or a mix of colours….Pink, blue, green, yellow, white.

  2. Popcorn:  Tender kernels popcorn freshly popped at your event, handed to the children in their own bags or cones, with a choice of toppings from; sugar, butter, chocolate, marshmallow, salt, nacho cheese.

  3. Chocolate Fountains:  finest Belgium Chocolate in Milk, White or Dark Chocolate or a mixture of 2 or all 3.  The white chocolate can be coloured almost any colour or depth of your choice with natural additive free food dye from  Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Green, Black, Purple, Yellow.

  4. Hot waffles on a stick with drizzled warm Belgium Chocolate and assorted sprinkles and/or cream...

  5. Small 3ft edible Fruity Palm Tree….individual bites on sticks for the juicy, succulent and healthy option.

  6. Jelly Shots (non-alcoholic) with sprinkles and glitter tops.

  7. Frankfurter Hot Dogs steamed in a freshly baked French baguette.

  8. Drinks Fountains with cascading drinks flowing under spouts to each child’s offered glass...comes with plastic glasses and a bottle of squash. Why not have more than one fountain with different coloured liquids/flavours… …very impressive on their lighted bases.

All Children love us and you will too!!

Step into the world of BOOZY FRUITY CHOCOLATY AFFAIRS. A classy and high end Party Hire and Fun Foods Company.

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