All Occasions

All Occasions

Living life to the full!

'Every year that comes and goes, brings with it, its flowers and its snows; With each occasion every year, the celebration is so clear; You're really special, and unique ; may your day, be blessed in every way.'

Joyous occasions: Engagements, Weddings, Asian weddings and events, Anniversaries,
Happy occasions: Your aunts 100th – your child’s 1st Birthday and all the Birthdays in between!
Fun Occasions: Graduation, School Proms, University events, Fashion shows, Fondues, Luncheons, Buffets, Award shows, any and every party.
Sad occasions: Bon voyage, Retirement,
Love occasions: Valentines, Baby showers, Christenings, Weddings, Hen parties
Seasonal Occasions: Christmas, Easter,  Balls, Charity events, New Year’s eve,
Religious Occasions: Asian events, Diwali, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Eid, Christmas,
St Patrick ’s Day
Corporate Occasions: Corporate events, Balls, VIP events, Product Launches,
Sporting Occasions: Royal Ascot, Premiership Football, Royal Polo, Rugby, Race Meetings
Outside & Trade Occasions: Trade shows, Banquets, Fetes, School fairs, Caterers, Summer Fayres, Garden Parties, BBQs, Fireworks, Outdoor Concerts, Country Fairs

Just think of it – a good excuse ( is there a better one?) to have a party ; anniversaries, valentines, romance, a new baby, special birthdays, engagements, friendship, grandchildren, marriage, promotions, retirement and others. 

We do them all!!

Let us dazzle you with our services, and help you fulfil your fantasies.
It must be sensational, fun and interactive, the party of your dreams and within budget.

Whatever your event this season, whatever the size, whether it be guests, colleagues, customers or suppliers, call the professionals Boozy Fruit Chocolaty Affairs.

So without to-do, call us now, we’re here to help, make it all come true!

‘Party on weekends, on weekdays too.  When we party, time always flew.
So raise up your glasses, plastic cups too. To all party goers, together we salute you’.          

Step into the world of BOOZY FRUITY CHOCOLATY AFFAIRS. A classy and high end Party Hire and Fun Foods Company.

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